We are temporarily CLOSED due to the Covid-19 outbreak. You are currently able to book appointments in 3 weeks time, post Government led lock down. We will keep this page updated. All the best. SIRENS
We offer a full range of manicure and pedicure services in order to pamper and perfect your hands and feet. We use the full range of O.P.I. products and lacquers, including Pro Spa and Gel Color. We also have colours and glitters available from The Gel Bottle & The Manicure Company.
For weak or flaky nails which struggle to hold length or product we now offer specialist base coats or a BIAB service(builder in a bottle). BIAB is a thick overlay gel product which will strengthen and protect the nails. It is soaked off and does not damage the natural nail.


PLEASE NOTE: we cannot treat clients with any kind of fungal infection. Please see our BodiKind page for treatment of cracked heels, fungal infection or other foot health issues.
  • The Perfect Pedicure by O.P.I £32.00 Toe nails will be clipped and filed before soaking in our luxury foot bath to cleanse and soften the skin, superficial dry skin will be removed and the feet will be exfoliated. Cuticles will then be tidied followed by a relaxing leg and foot massage before the product of your choice is applied. All using O.P.I,'s Pro Spa Pedicure Range. (Lacquer)
  • + Gel Polish + £6.00
  • Shape & Polish £10.00 Shaping of the nails to the customers requirements before applying OPI base coat, two coats of the OPI colour of the clients choice and followed by OPI top coat for a high shine.
  • with French Manicure + £3.00
  • Gel Colour​ Manicure or Pedicure £30.00 Fast application - up to and beyond 2 weeks. Perfect wear on hands and a possible 4-6 weeks on toes, dependant on regrowth. Wears like a gel, looks & feels like lacquer.​ Treatments include nail shaping, cuticle work, nail prep and O.P.I. Gel Colour application.​
  • with French manicure or glitter effects + £4.00 (Including free removal of product if provided by SIRENS. If product applied elsewhere, may be charged a removal fee of £2.50)
  • Basic Mani / Basic Pedi £20.00 Shaping of the nails to the clients requirements followed by cuticle work and cleaning of the nail plate. Hand Cream will then be applied before application of OPI base coat, two coats of the OPI colour of the clients choice and followed by OPI top coat for a high shine.
  • French Manicure + £3.00
  • Removal of Gel Product + Basic Mani or Pedi £24.00 Gel product removed, followed by our basic mani or pedi service, finishing with colour lacquer or OPI Gel Break strengthening system.
  • No Lacquer £20.00
  • The Classic Manicure By O.P.I. £30.00 Finger nails will be filed and shaped to clients requirements before application of cuticle serum and soaking to cleanse and soften the skin. Cuticles will then be tidied and you'll receive a relaxing hand and arm massage before the the product of your choice will be applied. (Lacquer)
  • Gel Polish + £6.00
  • Removal Of Gel Product ONLY £10.00 FREE of charge with re-application if done in clinic, removing other clinics product may have a removal charge of £4.00.
  • Single Nail Fix - Acrylic £3.00 per nail Some clients may have a damaged nail where the nail splits or is damaged/ridged badly. In this case, we can offer a nail fix before we apply the product. Only available with Sian
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