All piercings are carried out in a sterile environment, using single use pre-packed, sterile needles for all specialist ear piercings and with a caflon gun for standard ear lobe piercings. Standard ear lobe piercing is performed with sterile, pre-packed studs and is suitable for adults & children aged 6+.

Prices are based on standard titanium jewellery, upgrades and specialist jewellery available on request.

Parental consent is required for all clients under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must be present.

Aftercare will be provided. Cleaning solution available to purchase.


  • Ear Piercing - needle £28.00 Lobe / rim / tragus / conch / rook / daith or other.
  • Standard Ear Lobe Piercing £28.00 Using a Caflon Gun. We have a selection of studs available. Ages 6+ only.
  • Nose Piercing - Needle £28.00
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