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I want to hydrate and brighten

Hydration levels and the brightness of the skin often come down to product use and skin function and can’t be fixed by simply drinking more water or exfoliating the skin, in fact over-exfoliating the skin often exacerbates the problem. How well your skin performs often comes down to overall health and ensuring it has the right tools to do the jobs it needs to do, properly.

First and fore most we must get to the bottom of why the skin may be dull, dehydrated or lack lustre which is why a full consultation is he first step to addressing your concerns. Once we have discussed current regimes, product use and lifestyle we can make changes where necessary and possible in order to improve the skin function, in turn this will create beautifully hydrated skin and glowing skin.

Basic essentials to achieve this would be:

  • A good cleansing routine.
  • A vitamin A moisturiser
  • Vigilant sun care
  • Supplementation would also be beneficial.

Before booking any treatments or purchasing products we require all clients to book a full consultation in order to discuss concerns, needs and commitment levels before we then prescribe the best course of action homecare wise and suitable in clinic treatments if necessary/accessible.

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